Guide to Your First Consulation

1. How to prepare for your consultation

Make sure your hair is clean and free of any hair products. Please arrive on time and give us a call if there is a delay due to traffic or other reasons.
Our entrance is located on Foothill Boulevard with parking available on Daisy avenue.


2. Private Experience 

If you make an appointment with us, you can rest assured that you will have complete privacy during your session. Walk-ins must wait for your session to end before entering. However, you are more than welcome to bring your family and friends with you!

3. Wig or Topper? What suits your needs? 

Full wigs cover the fringe, crown area, and back of your head completely. We recommend choosing a wig if your stage of hair loss is advanced or covers any of the areas past the crown. A hair topper is ideal for hair thinning at the crown area. We will help you to find the right product according to your stage of hair loss. 

4. Wig construction and how to wear a wig comfortably

One of the most common concerns among clients is whether their wigs will become hot during the day. During your consultation, we’ll go over cap construction and the differences between fabrics such as swiss lace, monofilament, and silk top. We will also touch on the advantages of hand-knotted wigs and how all these details contribute to a wig's comfort and breathability. 

5. Desired hair color, length, and style

We understand that you have a certain look in mind that you’d like to achieve. During the consultation we will ask you about your preferred hair color, pattern, texture, length, and hair parting side. If you have a photo reference, that could be very helpful to us as well. 

6. Can I try the wigs on? 

Of course! You won’t truly know how you’ll look unless you try the wig on. We have a styling station with a mirror just for this purpose. 

8. Instructions on Washing and Storage

We will instruct you on how to wash, care for, and store your wig, and give you specific instructions for the wig type (human hair or synthetic) you choose. We will also provide you with a wig care pamphlet for you to take home.


9. Not seeing what you need in our showroom?

Let us know! We are happy to help and may be able to order a custom hair piece for you. 

10. Will you cut and color my hair for me? 

Unfortunately we don't offer these services at this time, but can refer you to a hairdresser.

12. End of session

Hopefully by the end of your session you will feel more knowledgeable with a greater sense of direction. If you’ve found the right wig for you, we can either package it for you to take home, or you can wear your new wig out of the shop! If you decide you need some more time to assess your options, that’s perfectly fine. Just let us know if you decide to stop by again so you can have our full attention!

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